North Vernon Elementary
Stronger Together
illustration of children holding hands around the world with words Around the World in 180 days

Our School

North Vernon Elementary is part of the Jennings County School Corporation and serves kindergarten through grade six students. 

Originally built in 1904 as the center of our community, NVE was rebuilt in 1972 after the original structure was destroyed by fire. Today, our child-centered, positive atmosphere and academic excellence continue to be a source of community pride.

Core Values

At North Vernon Elementary, we believe that:

  • an open and positive environment promotes respect, honesty and trust;
  • lifelong learning encourages creativity, responsibility and productivity;
  • the partnership among schools, families, and the community is essential to the complete educational experience;
  • each person is unique and has value;
  • when each person contributes, the individual and community thrive;
  • understanding diversity enhances our lives and community;
  • goal setting and high expectations lead to success; and
  • everyone can learn.

Our Commitment

At North Vernon Elementary, we commit to:

  • Academic Excellence
    • We will maintain high expectations and a rigorous curriculum.
    • We will recognize and encourage academic achievements and student success.
    • We will develop a strong culture of school achievement.
  • Child Centered Focus
    • We will develop an instructional focus to develop the whole child.
    • We will provide additional opportunities for students to pursue personal interests through afterschool programs and events.
    • We will develop research-based teaching strategies that address the special needs of a young child’s brain function.