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Stronger Together
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Our students are making headlines, and we want to share all the great news with you. We will keep this page updated with important announcements, news stories, and student shout outs. Please check in often and help us celebrate our students’ many achievements.

T-Shirt Sales

NVE will be taking orders for our “50 Years of Learning with NVE” t-shirts. You can view them on our t-shirt sales flyer and order form. The t-shirts will be $13.00 each (with an additional charge for XXL and over). Please return all order forms with the money no later than Friday, September 30. Delivery of the t-shirts to NVE will be in approximately two to three weeks.

PTO Volunteers Needed

Our PTO is in need of volunteers for various events throughout the school year. If interested, please see our NVE PTO Volunteers flyer for more information.

Upcoming Dates to Remember

Please make note of these important upcoming events.

  • September 21 and 22: Parent/Teacher Conferences from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m.
  • September 23: NVE Fall Picture Day
  • September 27: Big Head Pizza Night Fundraiser
  • October 4: Big Head Pizza Night Fundraiser
  • October 10 through October 14: Fall Break (No school)
PTO Meeting

Please join us for our next PTO meeting on Thursday, October 20 at 6:30 p.m. in the cafeteria. We look forward to seeing you there!

Universal Screener For Dyslexia

Indiana’s public and charter schools must meet requirements to identify, as early as possible, struggling readers who show risk factors for dyslexia and then provide systematic, sequential, and multisensory instruction to meet their needs.

All K–2 students will undergo a universal screener to check their skills in six different areas:

  • Phonological and phonemic awareness: ability to separate and change sounds in words
  • Alphabet knowledge: name different letters
  • Sound-symbol relationship: phonics
  • Decoding: reading
  • Rapid naming: quickly name common objects
  • Encoding: spelling

Students who fall below a set score or benchmark on the universal screener will be found “at some risk” for the characteristics of dyslexia.

If you do not want your child to participate in the universal screener please contact the instructional coach at your school.

Water Bottles

Students are able to have and should have a water bottle during the school day. Proper hydration is crucial to students being able to focus and learn and this year. With the water fountains not usable, our bottle fillers are the only source of water for students. We give students a disposable cup if they forgot their water bottle, but please make sure your student has a water bottle to use at school regularly. This will help with healthy learning habits.

Reporting Absences

In an effort to make communication with the school easier, you can now email or text the school to report your student absent for the day. If you prefer, you can still call the school. We do ask that all reporting of absences go through the main office or to the following methods. We cannot accept Dojo messages that you send to teachers any longer.

  • Email
  • Number to Text: (812) 379-8841

Please note that you should send all other general communication through the normal channels. This email and phone number is only for reporting absences and daily change in dismissal routines.

Birthday Celebrations

If your student will be celebrating a birthday and you are wanting to bring classroom celebration goodies, please check in with your student's teacher for a good day to bring in those items. Please note that the goodies will need to be individually wrapped and store bought.

Important: Car Pick-Up Safety

As you wait in line to drop off or pick up students at NVE, please make sure that you are staying on the correct side of the road. Even though it may be tempting to "jump line" by driving on the opposite side of the road to get into our parking lot, this creates a very dangerous situation for oncoming traffic on such a narrow road. Please model patience, grace, and safety for our students as you drop off and pick up your student. We appreciate your help in making NVE a safer place!

Breakfast and Lunch

JCSC is not able to offer free breakfast and free lunch to all students this year due to the federal program being discontinued. You can use Skyward to add money to your student's account by credit card, or you can send cash/check with your student in a sealed envelope to also deposit. You can always check account balances in Skyward, and we send them home with your student occasionally.

Coaches Needed

NVE is in need of an archery coach, basketball coaches, and a robotics coach for this year. Practice times and competitions are very flexible to meet your schedule, and resources are already provided. Anyone interested in volunteering for these clubs should email Nick Hill.